Artists currently featured at the Blue Deer Gallery
Current as of 1 February, 2016.

The Gallery carries a collection of original works by a variety of important American Indian artists.  Some of the artists
whose work is frequently presented in the gallery collection include the following:  Jim Abeita (Navajo painter), Tony Abeyta (Navajo painter), King Kuka (Blackfeet painter), Sherman Chaddlesone (Kiowa painter & sculptor), Earl Eder (Sioux painter & sculptor), Redwing Nez (Navajo painter), Fritz Scholder (Luiseno painter & printmaker), Kevin Red Star (Crow painter & printmaker), Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (Flathead Salish painter & printmaker), Gary Hummingbird (Cherokee painter), Merlin Little Thunder (Southern Cheyenne painter), Valjean Hessing (Choctaw painter), Doc Tate Nevaquaya (Comanche painter), Gina Gray (Osage painter & printmaker), Frank Buffalo Hyde (Onondaga painter), Jane Mauldin (Choctaw painter), Dan Namingha (Hopi painter), Dewayne Mathews/Fishinghawk (Cherokee painter & printmaker), Neil David (Hopi painter & carver), Peterson Yazzie (Navajo painter), Chris Peshlakai (Navajo painter), Tillier Wesley (Creek painter), Grey Cohoe (Navajo painter & printmaker), Delmar Boni (San Carlos Apache painter), Benjamin Buffalo (Southern Cheyenne painter), Patrick Swazo-Hinds (Tesuque painter), Art Menchego (Santa Ana painter), Virginia Stroud (Cherokee painter & printmaker), Narcisco Abeyta (Navajo painter & printmaker), Joe Hilario Herrera (Cochiti painter & printmaker), Jesse Hummingbird (Cherokee painter), Harrison Begay (Navajo painter), Arthur Begay (Navajo painter), Charles Lee (Navajo painter), Joan Hill (Creek painter), and many others.

The Gallery also carries a collection of museum-quality crafts from master Hopi carvers, pueblo potters, Navajo textile and basket weavers, northwest coast carvers, and southwest Indian jewelry-makers.  Enquire for a more specific list.


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